On opposite sides

by L. Cotts

On opposite sides of the disabled seating section on the bus two young lovers disguised in middle aged, newly homeless bodies, sit and stare at each other. The lady wearing a matching Adidas tracksuit, the man a t-shirt advertising a radio station and faded board shorts. ‘How they must appal and uphold one another’ I share a thought with the music playing in my ears. I watch them glare wordlessly at one another ‘what have you done to us?’ ‘What have I done to you?’ ‘Where have you taken me?’ ‘Where will we go?’ I become aware of my mental meddling as she passes, without instruction, the loose pillow she had tucked under her arm. And I realise where I’ve gone wrong as he gently takes it from her, without question, and finds a new place to pack it on their market trolley carrying small duffle bags and shoes.

L. Cotts is a 21-year-old writer studying at the The University of Queensland.


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